Family tree. The Mezen folk painting
by Natalia Kiseleva (eolay)
Process of creation
I am interested in the topic of data art, I am inspired by beautiful works of wonderful Shirley Wu, Federica Fragapane, Giorgia Lupi and Nadieh Bremer!

I have some modest data-art works that are done traditionally, but I wanted to try something a little more complex.

Working with markers and liners on paper is so fun, I recommend it to everyone!

photo of one of my data-arts "Friends" and sketches

pics taken from yandex-search
The idea of taking motifs and patterns from the Russian Northern paintings has long haunted me, so I collected the most interesting of the Northern paintings and took my favorite – the Mezen folk painting, a painting with black and red thin-legged horses.

The Russian Northern paintings, especially the Mezen, already contain some symbolism and interpretation of images, so it was particularly interesting to encrypt data there.
The following sites have become a great source of information for me:

1. Perunica, author svasti asta


3. Knittochka

Thanks to the unknown art creators for their excellent work and to the authors of articles for an extensive collection and detailed interpretation of symbols of the Mezen painting!


source: Perunica
Individual symbols in the Mezen painting already contain data, although without a legend they cannot be deciphered. Who knows, maybe this is one of the examples of ancient data-art, that no one except scientists tries to decipher!

The motives are simple: fire, water, sun, moon, natural phenomena, flowers, fields, protective symbols.
The theme of my data-art is my small family tree.
I have also been interested in the topic of family trees for a long time. I tried to create an interactive family tree on JSD3, collected some data on relatives unknown to me, but I did not manage to finish this project technically.

This time I decided to take a smaller amount of data and not immediately dive into the code, but pay attention to the data-art component, since manual processing is the best thing for small amounts of data.


my Figma workplace
After putting together a table of data about close relatives and selecting a few features that I’d like to display, I began to draw the main elements.

I worked at Figma - a great tool for vector graphics!
After finding some interesting symbols from different sources, I assigned them the appropriate level of kinship to each. Some of the symbols were used for special signs.
The one symbol called “criulka” is my favorite! I don’t know, what this word is meaning, but the symbol looks like some stalk motive. Ok, it just sounds cute.

After choosing “mountain” symbols for the round frame, I combined all elements inside it in order of connection between people.

Badge IIB 2022 Longlist
- An article written by me and dedicated to this project was published in the international datavision journal Nightingale: "Making a Data-Driven, Mezen Style Family Tree" - in 2020.

- The project was shortlisted for the Moscow Dataviz Awards in 2021.

- This project was included in the longlist of the international Data Visualization Award - Information is Beautiful in 2022.

Upd: The project was updated at 2024, because my family has changed a lot: I have a baby and two of my grandparents passed away.
That's it!
I hope you like the result!
I am Natalia Kiseleva
eolay is my nickname
I like data visualization, data art, and make funny and educational comics about it.
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